For our furry friends

Not just dog tolerant ...

We love dogs! And this is real dog country. In fact we joke that you get issued with a Labrador when you move here. Well,almost, our lovely Jonty is a Labradoodle. So we understand about dogs and what they, and their owners, need. So whilst you can be enjoying soft fluffy towels, plates of scones and lovely local jams, your dog will have a comfy bed, Smug Mutts toys to play with, a tag for their collar and some nice homemade treats.

The walks hereabouts are nearly all off lead, though do be careful near livestock, and it is just a slice of doggie heaven. There are plenty of doggie days out where dogs are welcome as well and all the local pubs and eateries are dogfriendly too.


Just a few things to consider


Dogs can go throughout the property – we provide throws for the furniture and beanbag beds for the dogs, as well as food and water bowls, old towels, poo bags and plenty of cleaning materials. There are carpets in the bedrooms and living room, but the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway are hard flooring.


​The garden and meadow are both enclosed, but NOT secure. Dogs are welcome in both and can run round the whole area, but must be supervised. Next to both are fields which frequently have livestock in them, so you must ensure that your dog(s) does not go into those. Our hens are very free range and think they own the place. Hence, they will wander around the cottage garden and wildflower meadow as well. There are no other properties so the only other dog around is our own. He wanders up and down the drive and round our garden, but not the cottage garden or the wildflower meadow unless he is with us. So your dog(s) can be sure not to bump into a strange dog in those. There is an outdoor tap that you can use to clean your dog(s). The tap water comes from the local spring so is not technically drinkable.

Dog Sitting

​If you would like to leave your dog(s) either during the day or for an evening then there are a couple of options:

  • Our daughter (currently aged 14) is very good with animals and, for a small negotiated fee, would look after your dog(s) for you. Obviously not during the day in term time, but evenings, holidays and weekends.

  • Dog Tales provides Dog Day Care and is just 10 minutes drive away. They will also have dogs for the evening/overnight and can, with prior arrangement, collect your dog(s).



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