Charity and the Environment

Protecting the Environment

Living in such a peaceful, beautiful location we cannot but believe in protecting the environment to ensure that it is still here for our grandchildren and beyond.

Plastic free!

Well single use anyway ...

Lands End Cottage is now single use plastic free.

We have replaced all the plastic bottled toiletries with locally made solid shampoos and conditioners, jersey milk soaps, shower steamers, bombs, and melts. 

The welcome pack now has freshly ground coffee, chocolate stirrers and callets, plastic free tea bags and freshly made scones and bread. All plastic free.

All our cleaning products are also eco products with refillable bottles and we even have toilet rolls from "Who Gives a Crap" all plastic free too.

Wash day ..

Not only on a Monday

We do all our own laundry using eco friendly products and use the wonderful outdoor drying facility whenever possible. When not (it does rain here just occasionally!) we use a dehumidifier to reduce the drying time and drying balls in the tumble dryer if we have to use it. 

Shop locally..

Sometimes its just the little things ...

We source as many of the consumables within the cottage locally from the award winning Hawkshead Relish company preserves to the toiletries provided by the wonderful  Bain and Savon, Ethereal Scents and The Soap Dairy.

We source our milk from the milkbot at Old Hall Farm and our eggs are as local as they can get with our own hens doing the honours.


Even our lovely chocolate stirrers are made by the fantastic chef, Mark Satterthwaite from Elite Dining. Who knew so much talent was in these here hills......

The future?

and it is free....

Electric cars are great in the Lakes. They are much easier to manoeuvre in our small country lanes and there are loads of places to charge them. Ambleside, Windrmere and Ulverston all have them with  6 charging points just in Ulverston.  Whilst at Lands End you will have free use of our car charger. If it is not compatible with your car, we can arrange for a trickle charge to get you back to full over night.

Have a drink on us

As long as it is water ...

As part of our single use plastic free initiative we are a part of the Refill network and offer passing walkers free refills for their bottles. We also supply all our guests with refillable water bottles that you can use whilst you are with us and take home to keep using. As we have said before, it's the little things...

The invisible things

Boring but important

All of our electricity either comes from the new solar panels we had installed this last year or from renewable sources. We have also made sure that the lights in the cottage are swapped for LEDs when the existing bulbs fail.

Support for charities

We firmly believe in supporting local and national charities. We support: 

Fix the Fells - who repair mountain footpaths. The wonderfully quirky Tubular Fells print in the kitchen supports this charity

Mend our Mountains - the British Mountaineering Council charity-you may notice the mugs in the kitchen from them.

Light the Lakes - An annual event where teams of police officers, staff, retired officers and police friends light up the famous Wainwright fells of Cumbria in memory of colleagues killed - we gave a voucher for a free weekend for their raffle in 2019.

The National Trust - Rob volunteers at Wray Castle organising and fixing bikes

And finally....

To bring the two sides of charity and the environment together, we have just switched to only using 100% bamboo loo paper. Much better for the environment and, even better, we get it from the lovely people at "Who Gives a Crap" who clearly do (give a crap!) as they give 50% of their profits towards charities which help to make sure that people in underdeveloped countries have access to clean water and toilets.. 

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